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Elisabeth Karsten is a Norwegian singer and songwriter alternating her musical performances and sound between melodic jazz and pop music.

She was born in Skien, Telemark where she from a very early age begun classical, modern, show and jazz ballet training and performances.

Due to the various explorations of styles within both ballet and singing she started to create her own music and her search for one open and alternating emotional sound that could sum up her favorite experiences within the different musical arenas. She started collaborations with various musicians, performed in clubs, concerts halls and churches.


In 1999 she got a record contract with Kirkelig Kulturverksted which led to her debut album FLUX, recorded in both Norwegian and English and distributed globally.

In the same period of time she commuted between USA and Norway over a period of six years. In the States, she primarily cooperated with Miami Sound Machine and had live concerts in clubs.


After returning to Norway on a permanent basis in the early 2000, she gradually got severely ill and went through numerous hospital stays and surgeries. It was a long and difficult time that lasted for years. Personally, Elisabeth Karsten has described this, as her inner Pilgrims fare, and during this time, lots of new music and lyrics were written. Her music now to be released, is framed with elements of subtle insights she has had and now uses the landscapes of music to express.


Some of her collaborations:

Arild Andersen, Celio de Carvalho, Pål Thowsen , Tore Brunborg, Rolf Lislevand, Bendik Hofseth, David Cabrerra, Rune Klakegg, Bjørn Klakegg, Kyrre Frizner, Daniel Eriksen, Frode Barth, Gunnar Dale, Håvard Rem, Chema Vilches, Andreu Jacob, Andre Kassen , Jon Øystein Rosslandand many other.

Her projects with Andreu Jacob has mainly been live concerts and soundtracks in Art & Symbiosis for instans for: Ian Brodie, Gotfried helwein, Thomas Todd.


Further on she has been invited as guest to NRK radio and TV in shows, TV Norge, P4, Radio Grenland and other media arenas.

Photo: Hilde Brevig





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