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Music arranger and pianist, Ole Fredrik Norbye, has stripped down the well-known arrangements associated with Frank Sinatra songs and approached each song with an atmosphere and soundscape flat out stripped from traditional showbiz and jazz-standard arrangements. Singer, Elisabeth Karsten, has addressed the new arrangements as a completely new composition.

The lyrics has been the primarily base in her interpretation of each song. Simultaneously, she has put her heart in respecting and guarding Sinatra’s tradition of “to-the-point” proficiency in using the microphone as an

instrument, as well as his focus on breathing technique as a tool to convey a song`s signification. Sinatra once explicitly pointed out, that he would only perform a song if he on some level could relate to it.


John Børge Askeland, is an accomplished jazz-bass player. His intention with the Norbye’s arrangements, has been primarily been to colorize the soundscape and lyrics in a way that substantiates the mood and demonization in the arrangements, rather than a focus on the instrumentalization as a show-off platform.

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